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Flexible packaging to meet the meal kit demand网上赛鸽下注首页登录

Rising demand for at-home meal kits during the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted the gourmet food industry to turn to single-serve flexible packaging.

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Robot that cleans production lines to hygienic standards网上赛鸽下注网址地址

Fraunhofer researchers have developed two mobile cleaning devices that sanitise production equipment, even conveyor belts, to standards in a reproducible way.

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Tracking mangoes throughout the supply chain网上赛鸽下注ios下载

GS1 Australia and Manbulloo have created 'whole-of-chain' tracking for mangoes, providing new levels of efficiency throughout the supply chain.

Materials handling & storage and supply chain 网上赛鸽下注检测安卓

Is that pork on your fork?网上赛鸽下注首页地址

Work is underway to create an easy-to-use testing device that can detect adulterated food fraud, such as the substitution of pork in beef products.

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The kokumi effect网上赛鸽下注网址登录

Chanterelle mushrooms lend a unique taste to savoury dishes, known as the kokumi effect. Researchers have developed a method to determine how this effect is achieved.

Food design & research 网上赛鸽下注线路安卓

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AIP professional designation for packaging technologists

AIP professional designation for packaging technologists网上赛鸽下注网站线路

AIP offers professional designations that are internationally recognised and can help to raise the profession of packaging technologists and...

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Sugary drink tax models show health gains, cost reductions

Sugary drink tax models show health gains, cost reductions网上赛鸽下注检测安卓

A US study has revealed that sugary drink taxes can lead to major health gains and reduce healthcare costs, but their benefits vary, based on the...

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The kokumi effect

The kokumi effect网上赛鸽下注官网平台

Chanterelle mushrooms lend a unique taste to savoury dishes, known as the kokumi effect. Researchers have developed a method to determine how this...

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